Description:xScript is a scripting engine for xAP and xPL allowing you to unify handling of both protocols in a single place. You have a choice of using jscript, vbscript, perl or python as your scripting language.
Usage:Requires installation of xAP Intranet OCX 1.4.  For simplicity, I've included this file in the zip.  Copy xAPIntranet.ocx to c:\windows\system32, open a command prompt and type "regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\xapintranet.ocx" Also, if you do not have MSWINSCK.OCX in your c:\windows\system32 directory, then copy the file from the zip to that location and do a regsvr32 on it as well.

All you need to do is pick your scripting language, using one of the samples from the zip file.  Just remove .sample from whichever one you choose and start editing that.  Then fire up xScript.  You can print messages to the xScript window to help with your script debug.  You can also make changes to your script and hit the reload button to re-initialize everything and reload your script.

Using xScript, you can bridge xAP and xPL with your own code to handle the translations.
Revisions:01/03/10 - 1.1: Some useability changes
03/07/09 - 1.0: Initial release


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