Description:xPLWav lets you play WAV files on a remote machine by sending it a control.basic message.
Usage:There is nothing to configure other than copying the desired WAV files into the same directory as xPLWav.  I know this is disorganized but I may add directories in a later rev.  As the name implies, it only plays WAV files, which may change if I determine a need for other formats.  

xPLWav responds to control.basic messages of the below format.  You specify device=wav, and the name of the WAV file, less the extension, is set in the current field.  If receiving the message below, xPLWav will play hello.wav.

dest = doghouse-xplwav.xyz
type = xpl-cmnd

Please note that this is the first of my apps to use xPL lib v4.4 so it is not interchangeable with xpllib.dll from all my other apps (v4.3).
I have modified the bundled xpllib.dll to allow for more graceful handling of the network not being available when the PC comes out of standby.
Revisions:01/15/10 - 1.0: Initial release

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