Description:xPLSys periodically monitors various statistics via WMI and issues xPL messages with those results.
Usage:First off, make sure you have enabled the WMI Windows service.  xPLSys monitors 4 different groups of statistics: disk, memory, CPU and miscellaneous.  Each group has its own individual polling period from 0 to 15 minutes.  A 0 minute refresh disables the polling for that particular statistics.

The disk group will only monitor the first 4 drives it finds in your system.  The CPU group will monitor up to 4 cores.  The memory group watches your free RAM and virtual memory.  The miscellaneous group monitors the number of processes running, the current uptime and bytes in/out of your first network adapter.

The application will issue sensor.basic messages for each statistic it measures so adjust your refresh period appropriately so you don't flood your network with stats you don't need so often.
Revisions:09/27/10 - 1.2: Fix for weird drives
02/10/10 - 1.1: Crash fixes

12/05/09 - 1.0: Initial release


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