Description:xPLGameport interfaces to PC gameports, using button inputs as contact closures and x/y axes as analog inputs. Each gameport can provide up to 4 contact closures and 2 analog inputs. It is known to run on XP and Win2k.
Usage:You will need to install the DirectX 9 runtime for this to work.  For each gameport you have hooked up, you'll need to label the inputs - 4 button inputs and 2 axis inputs - even the unused ones (just label them blank or unused). The final parameter will be the polling time in ms. The polling interval for the axis inputs in derived from the polling time specified in the file.

config.txt format (single line):
gameport0_button0,gameport0_button1,gameport0_button2,gameport0_button3,gameport0_xaxis,gameport0_yaxis,..., gameportn_button0,gameportn_button1,gameportn_button2,gameportn_button3,gameportn_xaxis,gameportn_yaxis,polling_interval


If you have more than one gameport connected, then specify all the inputs first - grouped by the gameport - then the polling interval (all on a single line):
garagedoor,doorbell,backdoor,garagemotion,FRDark,yaxis0, amppower,dvdpower,tvpower,blank13,xaxis1,yaxis1,50
Revisions:03/03/09 - 1.0: Initial release

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