xPLGMail - application

xPLGMail - application

Description:xPLGMail is an application that scans up to 5 GMail accounts for new email and sends a sensor basic message with the device set to the username receiving the email and the current field set to the sender. It also allows you to send email through your configured GMail accounts.
Usage:The config.txt.sample contains a sample config.txt file.  Its contents are:

cs specifies whether the account is for checking (c), sending (s) or both (cs).

To send mail via an account specified as (s) or (cs), use the following schema:

  to = abc@def.org
  from = usernameabc
  subject = auto generated email
  body = the mailbox was opened
Revisions:10/24/10 - 1.1: Added ability to send email
10/11/10 - 1.0: Initial release

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