Description:xPLBattWatch monitors your laptop's battery level, charging state and power status. It uses sensor.basic to relay its information, which is represented by 4 'devices':

mode = the state of the laptop - Resume, StatusChange, Suspend
acstatus = presence of AC power - Offline, Online, Unknown
chargestatus = charging status of the battery - Charging, Critical, High, Low, NoSystemBattery, Unknown
batterylevel = the percentage of battery charge remaining

Whenever the mode changes, xPLBattWatch will issue sensor.basic messages for mode, acstatus and chargestatus. Every minute, the app will check the battery level and chargestatus. If chargestatus has changed, from the last check, a sensor.basic message is issued. If the battery level has moved to the next decade (ie: gone from 59% to 62%, the app will issue a sensor.basic message for batterylevel. It will also send updates on 5 minute intervals, in case the battery level hasn't changed (ie: it is at 100% and plugged in).

The main reason for creating this app was to manage the charging of my laptop battery so it's not being charged when it's at 100%.

Usage:Just run it
Revisions:03/12/10 - 1.0: Initial release

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