Description:xPLAudreyTTS responds to tts.basic messages, converts the text to speech to mp3 and pushes the mp3 file to the destination Audrey. It is known to run on XP.

This app works by creating listeners for each Audrey on your network (specified in the config.txt file). It requires you to install LAME MP3 Encoder in the same directory as well as creating a directory called 'Cache'. You also need to have a web server running on your network and create a virtual directory pointing to Cache. Finally, you need to have installed the mp3 push hack on your Audrey.
Usage:Create a config.txt file in the same directory as the executable.  It consists of the following:
audrey_name0,ip_address0,...,audrey_namex,ip_addressx,your web server path.


If you send a tts.basic message to doghouse-audtts.family_room, it will perform a text-to-wave (dropping that into the Cache directory) and then run LAME to convert the wav file to mp3 (putting it also into the Cache directory).  Finally, it does an http get to the Audrey internal web server to do the mp3 push hack mentioned above.
Revisions:06/12/08 - 1.0: Initial release

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