Description:Jab2Twit lets you tweet from your Jabber IM client. I always have GMail open, so I thought it would be convenient to be able to tweet from GMail's chat client.
Usage:Set up a Jabber account that will be linked to your Twitter account and add it to your friends list in your chat client. Then fill out the config.txt file as follows:
<jabber account name>,<jabber server>,<jabber password>

The first time you start Jab2Twit, a browser will open as part of the OAUTH authentication.  You'll need to log in to your Twitter account to obtain a pin that authorizes Jab2Twit to use your account.  You'll provide that pin to Jab2Twit by clicking the 'pin' button.  Then click save and you're ready to tweet.  

You should be able to see your new Jabber account in your chat client.  Each line you IM to this account will be tweeted. Jab2Twit will respond with "Got it!" for each line you send it.
Revisions:05/21/11 - 1.3 Tweets from those you follow will be IM'd to you
03/17/10 - 1.2 Added auto re-login to Jabber if disconnected

03/02/10 - 1.1 Switched to TwitterVB to provide OAUTH

02/11/10 - 1.0 Initial release

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